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I wish I could find someone who’s able to sew me a proper pair of long (!) pants for a pair of Chalco hooves OTL
Maybe with slits in the back of the lower part, with lacing, so the protruding piece can stick out and I can still close it snuggly after putting them on.

But urgh…not much good seamstresses with Chalco hooves around that take commissions AND would be willing to finish them before LDoll.

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“I recently sold a legit doll and used the money to buy drugs and snacks. Tell me again how second hand purchases support the community & companies.”

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Well, everyone might not use the money to buy new dolls, I don’t think anyone had claimed that’s always the case, but it often is.

Another thing that the secondary market is good for is giving people a place to get rid of dolls. What I mean is that I have decided to buy some of my limited dolls because I knew I had the ability to sell them later if they didn’t work out for me (I’ve sold two and kept two at this point) but with the secondary market getting weaker, and part of this is due to recasts, people can’t count on this in the future.

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Second hand purchases support the community.

They make dolls available with shorter waiting times, and often at lower prices than companies would offer.

They make dolls available which haven’t been sold for a while, or which are limited editions.

A strong secondhand market makes people more comfortable in buying dolls from the artists (To whit; “Oh, if I don’t like it, I can just sell it on the secondhand market”) and THAT IN TURN SUPPORTS THE ARTISTS

Most importantly - Selling a secondhand doll doesn’t increase the number of dolls in circulation whilst decreasing the quality of dolls in circulation, and thus doesn’t devalue the dolls currently in circulation.

Laptime. Here’s a story about economics.

There are 100 Milk Starbies in existence. Each Starbie sells for around $100. The price is stable, and then increases to $200 when the sculpt becomes desireable. Damaged Starbies sell for around $50-200. Milk earnt $10,000 from selling her Starbies, and used that to pay her bills.

Milk decides to produce 100 more Starbies, and sell them for $100 each. People buy them. There are now 200 Starbies in existence, and they still sell for around $100 each. Older Starbies now also sell for around $100 each, and damaged ones for around $50-100. Milk now has $10,000, with which she buys materials and takes time off work to sculpt a second doll named Bilby.

The most money that someone can have lost is around $100, and Milk can continue to produce more Starbies or Bilbies and sell them, because she can pay her bills and afford to keep sculpting.


There are 100 Milk Starbies in existence. Each Starbie sells for around $100. Recasterbot buys a single Starbie for $100, and uses it to make 100 more Starbies, which he then sells for $50 each. Fans are no longer able to tell if a Starbie is real or genuine unless it’s from the first-hand market, and thus are only willing to pay $50 for a Starbie. The people who buy Milk Starbies are unable to sell them, and thus anyone who was undecided on buying a Starbie did not. Milk sells half of her Starbies, earning $5,000. She cannot pay her bills or afford to make more Starbies. Secondhand and damaged Starbies begin to sell for $50-10, as there is no way of telling if they are a recast or not.

After a few years, the remaining 50 Starbies in Milk’s shop are sold.

Milk wonders about making more Starbies, but sees that the secondhand market is aready full of recast Starbies, which sell for $50. As Milk cannot afford to make Starbies for $50 a time, Milk does not make any more Starbies. As she does not have the money or time to sculpt her second doll, Bilby, she closes up her shop and becomes a plumber instead.

No new dolls are produced, the fandom dies off.

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Also another fine example of how recast supporting anons cherry pick what they want to counter, while disregarding what was actually said & twisting it to suit their needs.

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"Yes this is my deer friend. Deer friend is pretty like snow. You hurt deer friend I will hurt you."

the only thing I think of when I see this is like

"gtfo our lawn!!!"



A man c h o o s e s.  [A slave o b e y s]

Anonymous whispered:
That Elsa throne is super cool. Like fucking cool!!! Do you take commission to make throne after customers design?

Thank you very much :)

We sadly don’t accept commissions for thrones, the one who built it (ChocolateDecadence) and me are both very busy with commissions and we also don’t intend to make more thrones.
Sorry for that.


The cold never bothered me anyway…”

Done as a birthday present for a good friend who’s a big Frozen fan.
Her Elsa needed a throne so we decided to make one :)

The throne is made out of styrodur and consists of dozens crystals, all cut by hand. The throne was made and built by my girlfriend ChocolateDecadence; afterwards I airbrushed it in several layers, took the pictures and edited them.

Please do not remove the watermark, remove the credit or repost these pictures.

ChocolateDecadence - design and building of the base
Aradolls - painting (with airbrush), photos and editing

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So he sank to the bottom of the pool he didn’t even try to swim.

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Please explain to me what Anita did




You… you can’t be serious. This horse has been beaten so fucking long I don’t even think it any longer qualifies as dead anymore. It’s just fuckers going around smacking bottles of Elmers glue and bowls of kibble and bits with sticks. Do I really feel like dusting off the ol’ beaten stick to do this shit again? 



Luckily for you I hate her that fucking much. 

Lets see, 

1- Raised over 20 fucking times as much money as she asked for with her kickstarter. Gave nothing back. To make videos about video games, something fucking thousands upon thousands of people do for free. Getting 160,000 dollars when she only asked for 6,000. And continues to receive more donations. And made what, like 5 vids in two years? When those who do it for free do more thorough research, have better quality videos, and make a shit ton more vids.

2- Completely lied about being a fan of video games to get people to back her. In fact she is so fucking ignorant towards the medium she doesn’t know any genres exist outside of shooters. Not to mention no fucking experience in the field whatsoever. 

3- Was found to not even purchase some of the games she was criticizing. (the very thing she was asking money for.) Posting pics of just her with games, often times in the fucking store. Where you could just pick one up, snap a pic and put it back. As opposed to, oh I dunno, Some fucking receipts. 

4- Stole artwork and footage from other people. X

5- Has been found to make threats to herself at the same time as asking for more donations (despite getting more than 20 fucking times as much as she originally said would be necessary, and not even using the money for what she claimed to be.)

6- Disables all comments, and ratings, and fucking everything else on her videos. She makes a career out of criticism, but forbids people to do the same to her. 

7- Cherry picks like its her fucking job. Which since idiots keep giving her free money to do it, I guess it literally is her job. Like with her review of Hitman, where she claimed the game was misogynistic because it allowed the player to kill women and drag their corpses around. When you can do the same fucking thing to every male character in there as well, plus strip the clothes from the male and only the male characters. And criticizing a game for using a “damsel in distress trope”, when the final boss was fucking defeated by the female character herself. Or her criticism of fallout because the game gives you a popup for killing a woman when you have high karma. Or their depiction of female sex workers. When the game does literally the exact same fucking thing for males in both regards. She tried to claim a mission in watch dogs about taking down a fucking sex trafficking ring somehow supports them. She has claimed games that penalize you for attacking random women are somehow encouraging players to do so. 

So what did she do? She tricked people into giving her a shit ton of money, to partake in a hobby she doesn’t even like by her own admission, doesn’t even play half the shit she’s criticizing, cut corners in production including fucking theft, all to tell the people who do like this hobby that they’re bigots, while refusing to address criticism herself, ignores 95% of whats in a game so she can take out of context examples and paint it as misogyny, and then points to people giving her shit for all that she’s down to harm the gaming community and scam people out of money as justification. And you fucking morons keep supporting her. 

She’s a fucking scam artist, playing off people insecurities towards gamings influence on immoral behavior. Which has been disproved time and time again. And just some common fucking sense would tell you that if this shit were true, with the number of people playing AAA games there would be a obvious increase in certain actions every time a game was released. Which is fucking hilarious since many of these people fucking loathedthe republican party when they tried to claim video games encourage violence and terrorism. But suddenly a feminist says the same fucking load of bullshit, and these idiots are fucking dislocating their jaws so they can swallow it faster. 

While i agree anita does more harm than good (specifically to females wanting to get in to the industry) i think your whole post’s tone isn’t going to make anyone sympathetic to your cause.

I reblogged this to ask about the “caught faking death threats” thing. I don’t really get how that’s evidence of her faking them

I’m not looking for sympathy. Anyone who still supports Anita is going to continue to support her regardless of what I say. The facts are out, they’ve already made their decision, I’m just getting my kicks in before this whole shit show goes up in flames. 

And did you even fucking read it? 


There is no plausible way those were genuine. 





just a reminder you’re all being played like a god damn fiddle

honestly “screen cap taken 12 seconds after last tweet” is kinda where I draw the line


so what happened was, Anita/somebody saw a threatening tweet, opened up the offender’s profile, quickly logged out, and took a screenshot, all in 12 seconds.








It sucks that Anita Sarkeesian is more influential than any of these women in the game industry.

oh damn, ayako saso is part of the street fighter EX music team

shout-outs to the mastermind of battle fantasia

and there are even more.

The best part of all is how many of these women worked on games Anita has specifically bitched about, and especially the fact that God of War, one of the most testosterone-pumped killfests ever, is written by a woman, and a woman designed Bayonetta, a character who Anita seems convinced could only have sprung from the mind of a potential rapist male who hates women. And on top of this, a woman co-designed the Skullgirls characters, Skullgirls being something briefly touched upon via showing Cerebella in a “Look at all these awesome women I’m pretending are nothing but weak, pathetic, oppressed eye candy” montage in the very first part of Tropes vs Women in Video Games.

And yet, according to Anita, these women and many others don’t fucking exist, and everyone, even the gaming industry, buys it.