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I never knew that people found scented or perfumed products offensive. Whenever I sell clothing items, I always iron or steam it followed by a light spritz of perfume. I also perfume the package from the inside and the note/envelope. Do people really not like this? I always thought it was something others would appreciate..


While I enjoy a good smelling package you have to keep in mind that some people react very heavily to strong scents and even can have trouble breathing when they open the package.

I wouldn’t say these people are offended by your nice gesture (as long as it isn’t done to cover up cigarette smell), it’s just that people have different preferences when it comes to certain scents AND in some cases it can be harmful too.

I think it’s lovely you iron/steam the clothes before, but maybe tone down on the parfume. I personally enjoy it, but I don’t have allergies or any other breathing issues :)

(Maybe ask your buyer beforehand? When I plan to include sweets that are not sugarless bonbons I always ask about allergies to make sure I don’t harm the buyer)

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Legend of Zelda Artwork/Postcards by Juby

Those awesome prints are available for order here.



Now I feel worse for Fitzpatrick.

From the description

"This song was specifically composed to torture pianists, which I could have guessed after playing through the game. The reason is the middle part, which lacks any distinct melody, chord progression or rhythm (or maybe I just can’t see them). There’s not a single repitition in that part, which makes it a sheer test of your will to get through. Took me about a year."

"This is the 13th take”




If sculptors sculpt parts of their own personal face into dolls I’d hate to see selfies of Freakstyle


Really, we’re going that low now? What’s next, “your mom” comments?



I’m gonna ask in some toy tags since y’all the only one I can think of who’d know.

I was at a small toy shop in Ontario, and a teacher’s shop in my home province, and they both had these very cute (semi expensive, it think they ran $20-30 a pack of 3) very tiny maybe 2 inch hard animals that had…

They are called “Sylvanian Families”, I think they are the original ones, but there are many copies.
We bought a set, not knowing the original one, from “Camomille”, which are still pretty expensive and the quality of the sets is pretty “meh”.

The Sylvanian ones are pretty gorgeous in terms of quality and ways to play with them, especially the locations and accessories are really well made. But yeah, they are expensive.

(I think the stuff in your picture is btw Re-ment, except for the little animals. The table seems familiar)



Hmm, I had this modded Souldoll Johnny head for a while already, but I have no clue what to do with him, partly because he’s so super white.
He will be sold after I painted him, but HOW should I paint him?
(also, in case you are interested in the head, let me know :3)

Any ideas?



One of my own dolls for once, I can’t remember anymore when was the last time I painted one of mine.
They usually stay blank for pretty long or are sporting a damaged/old as fuck face-up, but Kazuhira is special and got his one on friday.

Kazuhira Ôtsuka - Granado Andrew

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プリ中&雷電 by トメ